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The Black Belt Foundation is a non-profit, 501c(3) organization co founded by Grand Master J. W. Kim in 2007.  The goal of The Black Belt Foundation is to use the values of Taekwondo to help people break out of the restrictive cycles of poverty, poor education, and poor health.  Through teaching Taekwondo, it is the mission of The Black Belt Foundation to improve the lives of the extreme poor in Brazil by teaching them community, responsibility, perseverance, and teamwork.  Taekwondo training provides a constructive, healthy alternative to avoid the streets that are notorious for destroying lives.

The students served by The Black Belt Foundation are poor children who live in the favelas (slums) of Alagoas.  These children live in dilapidated shanties, and often go without food, medicine, and other basic needs.  They are exposed to drugs and violence early in life and often quit school to beg for food and money to help their families survive.

Current board members include:
Grand Master J. W. Kim -- Founder/President  |  Miss Lisa Yacuzzo -- Vice President  |  Master Mike Schultz  |  Master Hugo Yamada (Brazil)

Other significant contributors include:
Grand Master Yeo Jun Kim (Brazil)  |  Master Marsha Shaw  |  Master Melanie Badesch  |  Master Gilberto da Silva (Brazil)

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