Master Dayoung Shim, Austin, TX

Master Joe Barber, Boulder, CO

Master Melanie Badesch, Greenwood Village, CO

Master Marsha Shaw, Greenwood Village, CO

Master Matt Wong, Palo Alto, CA

Master Gilberta da Silva, Alagoas, Brazil

Master Hugo Yamada, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Master Cody Silverman, Castle Pines, CO

Master Matt Cottingham, Highlands Ranch, CO

Master Mike Schultz, Greenwood Village, CO

masters (4th - 6th Dan)

Grand Master Jason Ahn, Los Angelas, CA

Grand Master Andre Lima, Los Angelas, CA

Grand Master Yeo Jun Kim, Sao Paulo, Brazil

President of Brazilian Taekwondo

Grand Master Sang Min Cho, Sao Paulo, Brazil

General Choi's "right hand man" & founder of Taekwondo in Brazil

Grand Master J. W. Kim, Greenwood Village, CO

Founder of J. W. Kim Taekwondo Schools

grand masters (7th dan & Above)

J.W. Kim Taekwondo is proud of its lineage. Our school is the combination of a unique heritage led by some of the highest ranking and most distinguished masters in the world. Below is a list of the current Grand Masters  and Masters collaborating with and enhancing J.W. Kim Taekwondo.


Master Nathan Berman, Boulder, CO

Master Nina Barber, Greenwood Village, CO

Master Gautham Krishnan, Los Angeles, CA

Master Daniel Levinson, Greenwood Village, CO

Master Hyung Il Shim, Berkeley, CA

Master Courtney Kolberg, Washington DC

Master Ashley Badesch, Washington D.C.

Master Rob Francescon, Greenwood Village, CO

Master Cameron Weber, Parker, CO