Add on any of these options for a truly special day:

  • Board breaking for all guests!
  • Extra time
  • Demonstration including board breaking and self-defense by our instructors and demonstration teams!

Parties are available at our DTC and Castle Pines locations.  Contact us today to schedule your party!

birthday parties!

be a black belt for the day with a memorable birthday party!

Tired of the same old birthday parties?  Let us do the work and host a party unlike any other!  Your student will get to be a black belt for a day and help their friends learn basic Taekwondo techniques as well as the values of respect, courtesy, focus, self-control all under the disguise of a fun birthday party. 

Party includes:

  • 1 hour of time
  • 40 minutes of games and Taekwondo activities lead by our highly skilled instructors--with some help from the birthday boy or girl, of course.
  • 20 minutes for cake, snacks, and presents
  • Your child will feel like a rock star wearing a black belt and setting the example for all of his/her friends