What Makes a J. W. Kim Instructor?

Our instructors set J.W. Kim Taekwondo apart from many schools. We truly believe that the instructors you train with here really are some of the best. Not only because they’ve competed in and won numerous state, national, and interna­tional tournaments or because they’re physically capable, but also possess many intangibles that our students value. We realize that just because you can perform well does not guarantee you can teach well.

Our instructors all came to J.W. Kim Taekwondo for different reasons; some came for exercise, some for confidence, some for self-defense, and some for focus and self-discipline. Whatever the reason for beginning Taekwondo, they have all been personally and positively influenced by this Korean art. While all of our instructors have dif­ferent personalities, one thing they all have in common is their love for Taekwondo and a pas­sion to share the experience with as many other people as possible.

Leadership is one intangible that we value in our instructors. Prior to earning their black uniforms, our instructors complete the STORM Team leadership program for at least two years. Our STORM team leadership program teaches team members how to teach students of all age and ability levels.

Active citizenship is another characteristic that sets our instructors apart. All of our instruc­tors exemplify the five Tenets of Taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Indomitable Spirit, and Self-Control. Furthermore, many of our instructors regularly engage in community service such as volunteering in hospitals, home­less shelters, veteran’s associations, and poverty relief programs.

Academic prioritization is also important to our instructors. We expect J.W. Kim instructors to have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, however, many of our instructors exceed those expectations. Our younger instructors often receive high accolades in high school and continue on to attend college. Our older instructors all have college degrees and many graduated from college with honors.

Additionally, all of our instructors are well rounded. While Taekwondo is a huge component of their lives, it is not the sole component. They all excel at areas outside of the Dojang. Whether it’s raising a family, academics, business interests, charity work, athletics, technology, art, or other hobbies, they all believe that it is important to be well balanced and accumulate a variety of skills and interests to lead a truly fulfilling life.

Lastly, all of our instructors are hungry to learn more. They lean heavily on Grand Master Kim, each other, and, most importantly, our students to push us to continue learning and perfecting our technique and instruction skills.

All schools claim to have good instructors. But ask them, what makes your instructors better than other schools? Few can respond with the exceptional combination of martial arts accom­plishments and life accomplishments. Our instructors are all well trained, educated, moti­vated, and positive people. Being able to teach and share these skills and experiences is what makes our instructors J. W. Kim instructors.

J. W. Kim Taekwondo is proud of it's strong instruction team including Grand Master Kim, our masters, head instructors, and STORM Team assistant instructors. 

All of our instructors are champions in Taekwondo, in the community, and in life.  With national champions, honor students, college graduates, business owners, teachers, and philanthropists J. W. Kim Taekwondo's instruction team offers a unique skill set to help you thrive.