It is important to us that our students strive to be well rounded and enjoy success not only in Taekwondo, but in school, work, socially, and all of their lives endeavors.  Therefore, each month we discuss a different life skill with the students in our Children's program (ages 7+).

In February we will be discussing Focus.  Below are the weekly concepts that we will be discussing in relation to focus.  We encourage parents to discuss these with their students to help enhance our “mat chats” that we do each day in class. Questions may also be asked about these concepts when students in the children's program belt test.  (​We will review mental requirements on belt test weeks instead of our life skills concept.​)

  • 4th - 9th: Focus On What You Can Do
  • 11th - 16th: Focus On Finding Answers
  • 18th - 23rd: Focus On Improvement