• Summer Camp registration is open for DTC and Castle Pines!
  • Belt testing is on Saturday, June 29 for both DTC and Castle Pines.  There will not be classes on the 29th due to the testing.
  • We will be closed for our annual summer break and school maintenance July 1 - 6.

  • 28 students were promoted to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree black belt in May 2019!
  • J. W. Kim Taekwono is a 2018 Kukkiwon top ranked dojang!  We are one of only 100 schools in the world to earn this honorable distinction.
  • Grandmaster Kim earned his 8th degree with a test at the Kukkiwon!
  • Miss Brittany has accepted the position of Pediatric Chief Resident at Johns Hopkins
  • Miss Megan & Mr. Paul will be attending Wisconsin in the fall
  • Miss McKenzie and Miss Allyson will be attending the University of Colorado in the fall
  • Several instructors and black belts are beginning new chapters in their lives academically and professionally.  Check out the Where Are They Now? page to see what everyone is doing!